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We Proudly Carry "CALECIM" a Scientific Breakthrough


Anti Aging Skin Care & Hair Restoration! 

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It's no miracle. It's Science.®

CALECIM® Professional is a revolutionary cosmeceutical, derived from over a decade of research in stem cell technology. 

All CALECIM® Professional skin care products are enhanced with CALECIM® rejuvenating conditioned media derived from advanced stem cell technology, which helps restore the natural balance of the skin, leaving your skin looking and feeling fresh, radiant (giving it that glow that we all desire), and dramatically reducing the signs of aging.

As we age, our skin regeneration becomes less effective due to a reduced skin cell activity.

This is when signs of aging start to appear.

With its highly potent, stem cell charged protein formulations, CALECIM® Professional help create a biologically optimal environment for your skin cells to act younger and even reverse the signs of aging.