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Hair Restoration - SCIENCE-BACKED - Hair Growth Treatment (AHS)
Harnessing the world's most powerful exosomes and growth factors from our patented stem cell source.

Are you tired of wasting money on hair clubs and their pricey memberships? Fed up with messy sprays that only offer a temporary fix for your hair? It's time to say goodbye to these ineffective solutions and welcome a game-changing hair growth system.

Calecim Advanced Hair Serum Works
Calecim AHS

Real Clients, Real Results, in Just 6 short weeks or under!

You're not alone - 40% of women and a whopping 85% of men suffer from this frustrating issue.


Powered by patented stem cell science,
A first in hair regrowth technology.

Restore Your Hair, Your Crown of Glory


Scientist have found that stem cell-derived growth factors are able to re-invigorate dormant and sluggish hair follicles, restoring healthy hair cycle and accelerating follicle cell production.

Inflammatory factors found on the scalp that cause follicle cell death are significantly reduced.

The Advanced Hair Serum helps normalize hair follicle cycle with clinical evidence of hair regrowth in as early as 6 weeks for the most common types of hair loss in both male and females, including: Telogen Effluvium caused by stress or illness like COVID-19; Traction Alopecia, which is triggered by hair pulling (for example from hair extensions) and Androgenic Alopecia, the most common form of hair loss that is usually down to genetic factors. 

The results speak for themselves.

  1. Stops shedding immediately

  2. Induces Cellular Growth in scalp to prolong the Anagen phase

  3. Stimulates Hair Follicle development

  4. Suppresses inflammatory and hormonal cues that trigger cell death

  5. Clinically tested on both men & women.

  6. Zero know side effects.

Hair regrowth 6wk.png

PlaSon Infused Treatment​

6 week in clinic treatment for maximum effectiveness and results!

We highly recommend pairing our AHS with PlaSon (fourth state of matter) technology

Plason is completely painless and safe.

This dynamic duo ensures deep absorption and nourishment for your scalp. Commit to weekly treatments for six weeks and watch your hair transform before your eyes.

Hair regrowth 6wk.png

At Home Hair Treatments System 6 week Kits

Calecim AHS at-home kit and the revolutionary

Derma Stamp. You can regrow your hair in the privacy and convenience of your own home or even on-the-go. But don't forget, the Derma Stamp is the key to unlocking maximum results when paired with our Advance Hair Serum. Don't settle for less, get the complete hair regrowth experience with Calecim AHS. 

Of course, individual results may vary.

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