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Plason Acne & Skincare

Introducing PlaSon
Absorb. Rejuvenate. Purify

At Chilled to Perfection, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of skincare treatments available in the market:

One of the most exciting skin rejuvenating technologies on the market and available at Chilled to Perfection is PlaSon! This advanced technology has used in Europe and Asia since 2015 and only in the United States since 2021. Chilled to Perfection was one of the first to secure and provide "plasma shower" treatments in the USA. 



& Hydrating Facial

PlaSon effectively reduces hyperpigmentation, dark spots, scars, and other forms of skin discoloration. It is safe and effective on all skin types and tones.


PlaSon "Clear "Facial

PlaSon is proven to fight active acne by sterilizing the skin and removing bacteria and reduces sebum production.

This is a safe treatment for adolescents and adults alike.


Skin Tightening & Wrinkle Treatment

Collagen remodelling and fibroblasts all whilst putting it into the perfect condition to absorb the Calecim (growth factor) serum.

Why we love PlaSon!
Plason is FDA-registered and is a Revolutionary  solution for: 
Active Acne - Skin Regeneration - Collagen Remodeling - Sebum Reduction - Wrinkles - Scarring - Anti Pigmentation- Enlarged Pores.

This breakthrough science is combined with our customizable serums for the ultimate skin repair treatments or pair the treatment with our Calecim Professional Serum and infuse your skin with youth signals.

If you are of a darker skin tone and have been told that you cannot be treated, now you can.

Not only is PlaSon safe and effective on darker skin but, even adolescence as young as 12 years of age. 

The plasma that is released during the treatment kills germs and bacteria.

Plason is clinically proven for acne and most people start to see results after 1-2 treatments.

There are no side effects and no pain or downtime, as well as no age restriction.

The treatment is only 5 minutes long and can be treated on all skin types. It can be used while on oral medication.

The epidermis thickness improved by 7.27% after 2 weeks, and 14.81% after 4 weeks.

PlaSon temporarily relaxes your cell adhesion molecules which allows the skin's absorption rate to skyrocket meaning any serum applied will reach the depth of the dermis where it will be most effective. We use ultrasound and acoustic streaming to help deliver this serum which in turn stimulates fibroblasts and improves the skin's elasticity

What does the Plason treatment feel like?

The treatment is very relaxing, noninvasive, quick and pain-free, some people experience some very light warmth.

How quickly will I see results?

Results can be seen after just 1 treatment, however, to get your desired results we recommend consulting with your technician to develop a treatment plan.

Are results permanent?

Results are not 100% permanent but can be maintained with a course of maintenance treatments (recommended 1-2 per month).

Do I have to do anything in particular after the Plason treatment? 

Immediately after the treatment the skin may be slightly red, this is normal and will pass in the next 20 minutes - Do not place any products (including makeup or SPF) on the skin for 4-6 hours after the treatment. Avoid placing your cell phone on your cheek during this time as well. - Tie up or pin back hair to avoid it touching the face for 4-6 hours. - Wear a hat if you cannot avoid the sun for 4-6 hours


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