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Chilled to Perfection Welcomes You to 2023
Specials & Events!



 New Year, New You, New Life!


Thinning Hair

What's Holding you Back?



Did you Know, we have a financing options at Chilled for all your Aesthetics Services! 

Qualify for up to $10,000 Instant Approval, No paperwork No hard credit checks

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Fresh Start to Your Year!

2 weeks and it's a Glo!

IPL, RF and Growth Factor Bundle for a SmoothGlo

($1,200. Value)Now Only $800.00

SmoothGlo is a combination of IPL & RF Microneedling Treatment without any downtime, pain or risk of surgery!

SmoothGlo TM targets the three biggest signs of aging skin –

Tone, Texture, and Volume.

By addressing all three areas in one session.

SmoothGlo patients are able to dramatically reverse the visible signs of aging and enjoy a brighter, more youthful glow.

Special includes:

  1. 1 Custom IPL's Treatment: Targets & Removes Sun Damage, Reds & Brown Spots, Veins & All Over Discoloration

  2. 1 RF Micro Needling Treatment to address common Aging Skin - Loss of Volume, Texture & Tone

  3. Application of the most potent Growth Factor on the Market for a better faster results.

  4. Buy Now


Chilled to Perfection

is looking for 6 people (men and women) who are concerned about hair loss and are seeking a real solution, without transplants, chemicals, injection or downtime. 

With our State of the Art Technology "PlaSon" combined with "Ethically Sourced" Stem Cell Hair Serum is applied in conjunction with a delivery treatment plasma to get optimal absorption into the scalp. 

This treatment is done weekly for 6 weeks and retails for $2400.00

We would love to document your treatments & Success with a special offer of 50% off these full 6 weeks of treatments for only $1200. Buy Now!

Did you know there really is a solution for Active Acne:

Safe for Adolescents (12-24 years old) & Adults


PlaSon is an FDA registered treatment that has been clinically proven to improve active acne by 27% and reduce sebum production by 25% (one of the main causes of teen acne).

Most will see results after 5-6 treatments and will need maintenance sessions

thereafter to help stop any future breakouts.

This treatment is available for any skin type, it is completely non invasive, has no downtime and zero side effects.

It can even be done while taking other treatments such as


Plason B&A.jpg



Safe & Effective for all ages,

skin types & tones!

We are please to announce we are now offering dermaplaning.

Dermaplaning combined with the PlaSon technology make for ESI Facial

Simply Clear, Simply Beautiful, in under an hour!

E.S.I. Facial $199.00

Dermaplaning only $75

2023 Brides & Babes Chilled to Perfection Treatments & Services are a Must before your Perfect Day 

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