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Hair Restoration

Advanced Hair System:
Regrow your Hair, Naturally, Safely & Effectively!  Clinic & at Home Treatments 

Internal / External Stimuli

may include genetic tendencies, aging, hormonal changes, diet, UV radiation and pollution exposure.

These stimuli affect regular hair cycle and hair follicle recovery by exerting these effects on the follicle:

Screenshot 2023-01-30 09.25_edited.jpg

Powered by patented stem cell science,
A first in hair regrowth technology

Scientists have found that stem cell-derived growth factors are able to re-invigorate dormant and sluggish hair follicles, restoring healthy hair cycle and accelerating follicle cell production. Inflammatory factors found on the scalp that cause follicle cell death are significantly reduced.

The Advanced Hair System helps normalize hair follicle cycle with clinical evidence of hair regrowth in as early as 6 weeks. The results speak for themselves.

Induces Cellular Growth in scalp to prolong the Anagen phase

Stimulates Hair Follicle development

Suppresses inflammatory and hormonal cues that trigger cell death

Clinically tested on both men & women.

Hair regrowth 6wk.png

PlaSon or RF Microneedling Infused Treatment


Combining ADVANCE HAIR SERUM in conjunction with one of our superior delivery treatment technologies

 RF Microneedling or PlaSon

for optimal absorption & scalp cell infused.

This treatment is done weekly for 6 weeks. 

Hair regrowth 6wk.png

At Home Hair Treatments System 6 week Kits

With this at home kit and the use of the derma stamp you can regrow you own hair in the privacy and comfort of your home or while you travel.

The Derma Stamps is a must before and after applying the Advance Hair Serum which allows the serum to activate the hair follicles. Without the use of the stamper, results may be compromised.

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